3 Lessons in Exterior Designs You Should Know

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make a home exterior visually appealing? Every homeowner relishes an immense pride of ownership when the exterior designs of their homes make you stop and gawk in awe at their beauty.

Designing the exterior of a home, however, can be a complex process, involving a myriad of choices on materials, colors, and overall charm. It is definitely not a job for rookie designers. To get you started, Vinylume Home Improvement, the leading name in siding in CT, discusses three key lessons on exterior home design:

Understand the Relationship Between Balance and Symmetry

You cannot achieve a stylish space without employing these two elements in your design. Consider the setting in your neighborhood; what are the predominant colors? How will your new design blend in? You will need to find that balance in proportion, as well as the symmetry in design to get that ideal outlook. Without them, your house may look out of place.

Accentuate with the Right Color Mix

Your choice of colors can make all the difference between an exquisite edifice and one that will look unkempt for years. Find the color schemes that are a match between your preferred tones and the predominant mix in your neighborhood. You can afford to get creative as long as your choices aren’t too extreme.

When you decide on the combo, turn to us for a selection of siding color options that suit your taste. Why repaint every now and then when you can simply install a siding of your choice colors?

Factor in the Style of Your Windows

All window styles are unique and can boost curb appeal, but some are best suited to a particular architectural style. Talk to Vinylume Home Improvement to determine the ideal options for your home. We offer a variety of Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows that not only improve your home’s design, but also increase energy efficiency in your home.

As the top CT vinyl siding and window specialists, we offer an array of endless possibilities to the exterior of your home. Let us work with you to realize the exterior design of your dreams today.

Call us now at 866-244-8029 for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your siding, roofing, or window needs. You can also contact us by filling out our online request form.

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