4 Exterior Color Palette Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Exterior Palette Ideas
Aug. 23 2017

Attractive curb appeal is only achievable through a delicate balance among exterior colors. Whether you want to form your own palette or use a proven one for your home, draw inspiration from these unfailing combinations:

Exterior Color

1. Ivory Body, White Trim and Aqua Entry

Using ivory as your home’s siding color softens it into its surroundings. Ivory may be an off-white version, but it becomes visually heavy when used in large quantities. It wouldn’t scream for attention, but would blend in beautifully with the greens of the landscapes.

White is an excellent complementary color to this neutral color. It would frame windows and sidelights, and define the fascia and soffit from the rest of your home. For the entry, aqua is a cool pastel that could set the front door off and make a grand entrance in a subtle way.

2. Aqua Body, Crisp White Trim and Royal Purple Entry

The calming effect of aqua heightens when used as a vinyl siding hue. It pays homage to the blue sky and could coexist with surrounding shrubs and trees. Choosing crisp white for the trim is a slight departure from the coolness of aqua, which helps balance things out. The use of royal purple for your entry door adds some warmth to your overall soothing palette.

3. Slate Gray Body, White Trim and Deep Turquoise Entry

Nothing accentuates sophistication than a gray with a blue undertone. To mitigate the borderline gloominess of the siding, frame windows and the entry as well as fascia with classic white. A deep navy-turquoise front door preserves the palette’s elegance, but its darker shade relative to the main hue makes it easily distinguishable.

4. Beige Body, Deep Blue Trim and Cream Entry

The use of beige helps vinyl siding masquerade as stucco, which is perfect for Mediterranean-style homes. If you don’t want to attract attention, color your door white to mimic the walls while ensuring its noticeable. Painting the trim with a warm navy blue creates an illusion of more architecture and brings some richness of detail to your otherwise monotonous palette.

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