4 Instances When Homeowners Might Need Roof Replacement In Bronxville.

4 Instances When Homeowners Might Need Roof Replacement In Bronxville.
Feb. 2 2018

The Following Problems Could Be Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Roof.

The phrase “having a roof over your head” takes on a whole new meaning and sense of importance when your roof begins to age and wear. But roof replacement in Bronxville is a big investment… so how do you know when it’s truly necessary?

Here are four signs…

Note: We do not recommend climbing onto your roof, unless you are completely comfortable, able-bodied, and wear the proper fall-restraint equipment. To ensure the safest and most thorough inspection, we recommend one of our free 10-Point Roof Inspections. This will guarantee your problems are accurately diagnosed and prevent injury to yourself or loved one.


If your ceiling is leaking, inspect your attic. Examine both sides of the rafters, since water can run down either side to the wall. Also, examine any vent pipes going through your roof and, if applicable, around your chimney.
You can also inspect the roof from the outside of your home. Take a pair of binoculars and examine your roof from ground level. If you want a better look, you can also go onto the roof for a closer inspection. Search for missing or loose shingles or pooling water. Leaks tend to start near flashing and pipes. If you’re experiencing leaks during the winter, it could be due to ice dams forming on your roof. This can cause wood to rot and wreak havoc on the interior of your roof and home.

Faulty Or Missing Shingles

An easy way to tell if you need roof replacement is curled shingle edges, warped or missing shingles, and black areas on the surface of a shingle. Spots on a shingle’s surface could indicate that nails have become rusted or loose.
The deterioration of inner oils and protective granules in asphalt shingles makes the shingles thin and brittle. If your shingles look like this, it’s a definite sign your roof is age- or weather-worn. If you have wood shakes on your roof, you can tell if the shingles are faulty or too old because they will actually crumble in your hand!

Dark Streaks & Rot

Moist areas of your roof can be a breeding ground for algae (contrary to popular belief, algae is not fungus). While algae won’t harm the structural integrity of a shingle, it can cause discoloration and staining.
Moist areas of your roof can also lead to a much bigger problem: rot. Water can seep into any crevice, no matter how small. Once water penetrates your roof and gets inside the walls of your home, the damage can be devastating—and you won’t even be aware of it! This is why moist areas and water pooling on your roof should be immediately inspected by a professional.

Adding Value To Your Home

Deciding on roof replacement in the Bronxville area is a major step and expense. The best course of action would be to consult us for an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition. But if part of making the decision to replace your roof rests in the return on investment, ask your real estate agent about home prices for your neighborhood.
Have you ever heard the statement “location, location, location?” The return most homeowners receive on roof replacement in Bronxville is about 75%. Determining the percentage you recoup after a remodeling project, is based on factors such as the condition of your current home, as well as homes in your area, and whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural setting.

Get A Free Professional Inspection From
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If you’re having problems with your roof, get in touch. We provide free meticulous 10-point roof inspections that will reveal any and all problems with your roof. After we perform our inspection, we will give you an accurate diagnosis and an ironclad, no-pressure estimate.
And if you’d like information about our extensive experience and credentials, explore the Why Choose Us, About Us, and Reputation sections of this website.

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