4 Parts of Your Stamford Roofing You Need to Know About

How well do you know your roofing? Let’s check. We at Vinylume, the top roofing contractors in Stamford CT, share with you four roofing terms you should know about to better understand how your roof works. See if any of them are familiar to you:

1. Decking: Let’s start easy. The decking is one of the most basic parts of your roof but also one of the most important. In essence, it’s the base upon which all other roofing parts are laid. The material varies from home to home. But plywood, polystyrene, concrete, and metal are usually used as decking.

2. Flashing: You’ve probably heard of this one already. These are metal sheets made of aluminum or steel used to prevent water from leaking into the building. They’re placed around chimneys, pipes, adjoining walls, and valleys (basically, any intersection or joint on the roof). They’re vital in preventing water damage on your roof. Roof leaks are often caused by damaged flashing.

3. Fascia: Need a clue? The fascia is typically where the gutters are installed. It’s a vertical board attached to the edge of your roof. It protects the roof from weather damage. The fascia also functions as a style booster: it creates a smooth and even finish for the roof edges.

4. Soffit: This is a tricky one. The soffit is located underneath the fascia board. It’s normally simple in design, with small holes meant for air circulation in the attic. The soffit draws heated air into the attic space, driving moisture away in the process. The less moisture present, the less vulnerable your attic is to mold and rotting.

Are your decking, flashing, fascia board, or soffit damaged? Turn to Vinylume Home Improvement, your expert roofers in Stamford CT and the surrounding areas. We have been providing high-quality roofing services for homes in Connecticut and New York since 1951. We specialize in roof repair, maintenance, as well as partial and complete roof replacement.

You can also turn to us when you want to have your roof inspected. We will meticulously check every nook and cranny of your roof, including the decking, flashing, fascia, and soffit. Give us a call today for a free estimate and consultation. Let’s discuss the many things we can do for the different parts of your Stamford roofing.

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