5 Features and Benefits of GAF TruSlate® Roofing System

Roofing contractors recommend slate roofing as the best roofing material available today: it’s beautiful, extremely durable, and holds up well against the harshest weather conditions. It has an incredibly long service life too—in fact, slate roofing can last over 200 years.

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However, many homeowners balk at the high price tag of slate roofing. That’s why GAF created a product that provides the benefits of slate roof without the hefty price tag: the TruSlate® Premium Roofing System. Here, we discuss the features and benefits of this innovative roofing system:

  1. Made of Real Slate: GAF uses slate sourced from North America’s finest quarries. The brand’s reputation for quality roofing means TruSlate is not a synthetic imitation nor is it made of shavings from full slate tiles. GAF keeps the price low by maximizing used slate areas: traditional slate roofing has only one side exposed at any time, which is half of the slate tile. GAF instead replaced the wasted slate with an ingenious waterproof material, leaving the slate only on exposed areas.
  2. Fits Most Roofs: The reduced weight means certified roofers can install TruSlate on existing roof decks without needing additional reinforcements. More importantly, TruSlate does not compromise the benefits you would receive from a traditional slate roof.
  3. Easy Installation and Repairs: Like traditional slate roofing, TruSlate does not require nailing down, allowing fast and easy installation. Repairs and replacement do not disturb surrounding slate tiles.
  4. Does Not Lose Its Shape: Unlike traditional asphalt shingles and synthetic slates, real slate does not cup, curl, or warp. The same is true with TruSlate. It preserves your home’s curb appeal throughout its service life and beyond. In fact, slate looks even better with age.
  5. Best Warranty Coverage: GAF’s Deluxe Slate Warranty features a limited lifetime coverage including a 20-year workmanship warranty. That’s 18 years longer than the standard. In addition, every TruSlate installation is quality-inspected by a GAF representative right after installation.

Vinylume Home Improvement serves Stamford, CT and nearby areas. To learn more about GAF’s TruSlate roofing, call us today at (866) 244-8029 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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