Avoiding Storm Chasers – Part III: Hiring the Right Help

Finding the right help may be a bit difficult, especially if there’s widespread damage in your area, which is one of the reasons why many homeowners fall prey to scammers in the first place. However, if you’re a bit more patient and know what to look for in a legitimate roofing contractor, you’ll certainly be able to avoid scams and get your money’s worth.

Pay no attention to solicitors

After a major storm, there will be more than a fair share of solicitors on the streets. Pay no attention to those who appear to be going door-to-door looking for work. Instead, search the phonebook for local roofing contractors. If there aren’t any locally, you might be able to find one in a nearby town, city, or state. It’s always best to deal with the company directly instead of dealing with roving salesmen.

Pay close attention during inspections

If a roofing contractor asks to inspect the damage, tag along. In fact, have the contractor explain every bit of damage that they identify. Take note of the information they provide because you’ll need this when reviewing their quotation.

Verify the company’s details

If the company is legit, they’ll have no problem with you verifying their information first. In fact, they should be able to give you everything you’ll need to verify their credentials, permits, and other information.

Inform the contractor that you intend to get additional estimates

Storm chasers will do everything to get you to agree to a contract immediately. Legitimate companies will provide you an estimate and patiently wait while you’re attempting to find other estimates to compare against their offer.

Always be alert when negotiating with contractors

No matter how much you need their services, you need to stay alert and be aware of the signs of a scam. Legitimate companies will display genuine concern about your needs, explain everything about the contract in detail, and allow you to decide. Good companies will even go the extra mile and provide more than what you’ll be paying for.

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