Diminishing Income or Increasing House Expenses?

Many of us know that sometimes we spend more than what we actually earn. The house expenses can eat up a large portion of our salary. For instance, the cost of living in Bridgeport, on the whole, was featured in an article published in wtnh.com: 

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The cost of living in the Bridgeport metro area makes it feel like one is earning about 25 percent less than what one actually brings home every year, according to an NPR report that cites recently released government data.

While the median income for folks in the state’s most populous city is $40,500, factoring in cost-of-living expenses makes a “typical, full-time worker” in the Bridgeport metro area feel like he or she is making only $31,500, NPR reports.

The roughly $9,000 allocation represents about 22 percent of an average worker’s income. The percentage is the highest cost-of-living allocation of the four Connecticut metro areas included in NPR’s report.

In line with this, there are actually a few cost-cutting options people can take so that they can spend less with home upkeep and keep more of their money for savings and leisure:

  • Cost and Energy Efficient Doors and Windows. The Energy Star certification is given by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The Department of Energy encourages homeowners to utilize Energy Star marked doors and windows as these can lessen heating and cooling costs significantly.
  • Invest in Insulation. If your attic is properly insulated, you’re more likely to achieve a constant indoor temperature. To give you thorough information about how to go about this process, refer to roofing contractors in CT.
  • Update Your Siding. New siding does not only protect your home against excessive heat or cold, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective home improvement ideas in terms of resale value.

When in doubt about what improvements to get in order to minimize your monthly home expenses, you can turn to Vinylume Inc., a company offering roofing in Connecticut, for advice. Beat the rising cost of living with smart choices and investments – it does take some money initially, but you’ll definitely rake in the savings in the long run.

(Article Excerpt From Ranking cost of living in 4 Connecticut metro areas, wtnh.com)          

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