Fall-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Fall is here, and that means falling leaves and dropping temperatures. Vinylume Home Improvement has three great suggestions for projects that are ideal to get completed this coming season.

Project #1: Gutter Protection

When it comes to roofing in Greenwich, CT, many homeowners forget the importance of maintaining a clear gutter system with gutter protection. Vinylume strongly recommends Leafproof®, a gutter guard that blocks leaves that often clog up your gutter and render it unable to move excess water away. This investment also takes away the need to pay for gutter cleaning, saving you even more money.

Project #2: Better Siding

An important consideration in the fall is energy efficiency, which centers around the effective regulation of heat transfer. Vinyl siding is an excellent siding option because its insulating properties help to ensure that heat stays indoors. This regulation of heat transfer has a great secondary effect—it lowers the load on your HVAC unit, which saves you on your monthly energy bills. And the durability of the material means that you’ll never have to paint again.

Project #3: Better Windows

With your siding and roofing in Fairfield, CT, upgraded, the last thing you can get to prepare your home is to add new windows. We proudly install Renewal by Andersen® windows to complement the money-saving, energy-efficient properties of our vinyl siding. The Fibrex® composite used in Renewal by Andersen frames looks like wood, but without the maintenance. Renewal by Andersen windows also feature exclusive glass packages that are more energy-efficient than standard insulated glass offered by other manufacturers. With a wide range of styles and design options to choose from, you can get the window that is perfect for your needs.

With Vinylume’s range of great services, you can face the coming winter with confidence. These are all smart investments geared towards maximizing the value of your home. Reach out to us today and we’ll be more than happy to sit down and talk you through your options.

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