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Signature Exteriors Stamford Vinyl Siding
Jan. 5 2021

Vinyl siding sales and installation is not for the faint of heart for homeowners and business owners in Connecticut and New York. A multitude of unlicensed installers and fly-by-night companies make finding a quality vinyl siding installer a difficult chore.

A vinyl siding installation is not only expensive, but it is also an important part of your home’s exterior protection against the cold weather of winter and the hot, humid conditions of summer. It’s important to hire a reputable and established vinyl siding installer to execute the job.

Among the many vinyl siding companies in Connecticut, one company clearly stands out: Signature Exteriors. Based in Stamford, CT, Signature Exteriors has been a vinyl siding installer in Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, for more than 50 years.

Signature Exteriors is a local company with a rock-solid reputation for affordable pricing, superior installations, excellent customer service and a workmanship guarantee that is second-to-none among vinyl siding companies.

Here are a few reasons why Signature Exteriors is one of the finest vinyl siding companies in the state.

Lengthy history in the region

Starting in 1967, Signature Exteriors was the first company to install vinyl siding on homes in Fairfield and Westchester counties – and they’ve never stopped. In fact, they’ve only gotten better. They meticulously work on each project and don’t overlook a single detail, no matter how small it might be.

And if they do miss something, or some portion of the installation fails, they back every full installation with a 20-year workmanship guarantee. Most of their competitors guarantee installations for no more than five years.

5-star certification from CertainTeed

Signature Exteriors uses only CertainTeed vinyl siding for its installations and has been recognized by the manufacturer with a 5-star rating, the highest credential the company offers.
What does that mean for customers? It means that Signature Exteriors has completed all of CertainTeed’s courses and training for vinyl siding installers and will adhere to strict practices that will ensure your vinyl siding is impeccably installed.

Nationally certified by Vinyl Siding Institute

The Vinyl Siding Institute is an independent, third-party administrator that certifies vinyl siding installers throughout the U.S. To obtain VSI certification, Signature Exteriors was judged on its installation practices, knowledge of the vinyl siding industry, years of experience, and implementation of industry-wide installation techniques.

A wealth of references

If the first three reasons aren’t enough to convince you to hire Signature Exteriors, take a look at their excellent and vast portfolio of work. Since they were the first company to install vinyl siding in the area, they can show you pictures from thousands of jobs.

Or maybe just ask one of your neighbors if they’ve worked with Signature Exteriors, or if they know a friend or family member who has. Signature Exteriors has probably worked in your neighborhood before.

For one of the most experienced vinyl siding companies, call Signature Exteriors today at 1.866.244.8029 or visit them online at

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