Flawless Siding Installation: Why Contractor Certification Matters

Saying that quality installation is important in re-siding is stating the obvious. Yet, many homeowners are still tempted to skimp on contractor expenses and go with a less experienced installer who lacks credentials. While the novice may charge less, you’ll almost certainly pay more for repairs or even premature replacement down the road.

Whether you want fiber cement or vinyl siding, it pays to work with a credentialed contractor. Here’s why:

Guaranteed High Performance

A certified contractor helps ensure your replacement siding functions as expected. Workmanship errors result in premature failures, rendering even the toughest siding system vulnerable to the elements. In addition, any installation misstep could make your new siding less energy-efficient, causing your heating and cooling costs to go up instead of down.

Smaller Risk of Problems

Speaking of premature failures, subpar workmanship will result in more frequent repairs. This is especially common when you hire a contractor who’s not trained to install a particular fiber cement or vinyl siding product. Each siding system has its own installation requirements, which require years of experience, rigorous training, and certifications to earn.

Undergoing strict training programs prepared by manufacturers themselves and esteemed organizations, like the Vinyl Siding Institute, takes a serious amount of time, energy, and money. Considering most contractors don’t care about certifications, the proficiency level of credentialed contractors puts them on another level. This means if you hire an uncertified installer who’s too busy for meticulous technical training, your siding system will likely develop structural and cosmetic issues faster.

Definite Long Service Life

Quality installation allows your siding to perform well throughout its service life, while poor workmanship often results in premature replacement. This is why working with a credentialed contractor is so important.

At Vinylume, we are certified by the highly esteemed siding manufacturers we represent: CertainTeed, Mastic, Wolverine, and James Hardie®. Our certifications don’t just speak to our competence, but also to our ability to protect your investment. We offer powerful warranties and guarantee their validity because of our credentials.

Turn to the siding authority in Connecticut to ensure the highest level of installation quality for your project. Call Vinylume today at (866) 244-8029 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate.

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