How Dangerous Is a Leaky Roof?

Despite being the most common problem your roofing system will ever experience, leaks are far from harmless. Their effect on the roof should never be underestimated, as they can cause serious damage to your roof if you don’t fix them immediately.

How Dangerous Is a Leaky Roof?

Signature Exteriors discusses just how dangerous a leaky roof can be.

Structural Damage

Leaks can cause structural damage and degradation over time and they often go unnoticed when they first begin. When water enters through a crack on the roof, it will seep through the underside of the decking and then to the wall. There, it will do continuous damage to the framing, often ending up in the rooms directly below the roof or attic.

Leaks Grow Fast

What’s even more dangerous about leaks is that they can grow in size in just a matter of weeks. That’s why our roofers always recommend you have even the tiniest leaks checked and patched up as soon as possible. It may seem silly to spend money on patching up a small hole in the roof, but it’s better paying for an expensive repair as the leak grows bigger.

Insulation Damage

Leaks can also damage the vital insulation in your roof or attic space. More often than not, the water coming from the leak will also drip into the attic insulation. When this happens, it will start losing its effectiveness until it deteriorates.

You can tell this is happening to your roof if you notice a slight increase in your home’s energy bills. On top of increasing your cooling and heating needs, damaged insulation can leave your roof unprepared for the more trying seasons. Insulation, after all, is what keeps your roof from drying up during winter.

Preventing Leaks

Fortunately, preventing leaks is as easy as doing monthly roofing inspections and scheduling preventive repair. The former allows you to check the state of your roof while the latter allows you to address roofing problems when they are still smaller and easier to handle.

As your local roofing contractors, you can count on us to keep your roof leak-free and sturdy throughout the year. Call us today at (866) 244-8029 to learn more about our services. We offer complete roofing services throughout Norwalk, CT and Yonkers, NY.

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