Identifying Common Roofing Problems and What to do About Them – Part 2: Other Causes of Faulty Roofing

Your roof will not protect you properly from the elements if it’s not installed right. It will wear down sooner, performing similarly to a damaged roof when it is still relatively new. Unfortunately, many don’t realize they have an improperly installed roof until it’s too late. To give you a clue and let you take action as soon as possible, take note of the following:

Multiple Layers of Shingles

Tearing off an old, damaged roof is part of the expense of installing a new one. An inexperienced roofer may cut corners, however, or even attempt to save you expense, by simply installing new shingles over the old ones. While this is technically allowable, a lay over can only be done twice. Not to mention that certain conditions have to be taken into consideration, like a home’s existing structural supports as a new shingle layer will add weight. A tear-off is advisable because not only will it let you avoid straining your home’s structural supports but it will also allow your roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect your roof’s structure for damage.

Mismatched Shingles

While this can, occasionally, be more of a cosmetic issue, it can still be a sign of a faulty roof. Manufacturers make shingles in batches, and experienced, well-established roofers tend to work with shingles from the same batch. Different shingle batches may also differ in quality, with portions of the roof more susceptible to wear or damage than others.

Shoddy Installation

A lot of people second-guess how they see their roof because they aren’t experts, which is what some roofing contractors may be counting on as a way of defending their shoddy work. If your roof visibly appears to be not installed properly, like you have shingles that are not flat, call your roofing contractor’s attention. If it looks off, it is likely that there will be something off about it.

When you find that you’ve got a problem with your roof, you’ve got a roof that needs fixing. To avoid problems that have previously plagued you, make sure you choose the right roofer with some help from Part 3 of this blog series.

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