Is Your Gutter Line Becoming A Breeding Ground of Birds?

Our home is our refuge whenever unexpected natural disasters occur. Animals, meanwhile, also look for a warm, welcoming and comfortable home for themselves. The importance of this was mentioned in an article from, highlighting the initiative of people in Fairfield County, CT:

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Now more than ever, we need to provide welcoming habitats for birds here in Fairfield County.

According to the National Audubon Society, 20 of our most common bird species have declined by an average of 68 percent since 1967. Some species, such as the Evening Grosbeak, have declined by as much as 91 percent. You can do a great deal in your own landscape to help birds, but first, you have to evaluate what you have.

As you assess your landscape, determine if you have “The Big 4,” those critical resources that birds cannot do without, including:

  • Nesting sites
  • Cover
  • Water
  • Food

For nesting and cover, different bird species have different requirements, so plant diversity in your landscape will attract a broader diversity of birds.

While providing an ideal habitat for animals is crucial, it is also important to consider that they can be hazards to you and themselves if they nest in the wrong parts of your home, i.e. your gutters. They can clog the system, which will consequently cause structural inefficiency and also endanger themselves when this clogging results in debris buildup causing a potential collapse. How do we prevent this from happening? Here are some steps you can take:

Inspect Your Gutters. The only way for you to spot nests is to inspect your gutter lines. Birds normally nest in gutter downspouts and vents. A company offering services for roofing in Norwalk like Vinylume Inc. can help you move these nests and clean up the system.

Block These Areas As Much As Possible. Address potential areas where hatchlings can thrive. Blocking them can discourage birds from building their nests and allow your gutter system to work more efficiently. Again, you should refer to roofing contractors in Norwalk CT because going up a ladder without safety equipment can be dangerous.

Build Them Their Own Home. Building birdhouses is a great idea for homeowners who are getting a lot of flying visitors. This way, they can build their nests and thrive properly without harming your home or themselves.

(Article Excerpt From Beyond Bird Seed: Creating A Bird-Friendly Yard In Norwalk,           

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