How to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Brand New


If you’ve recently had new house siding in Fairfield County installed on your home, you might think it’s too early to start thinking about taking proper care of it. The truth is that just getting brand new vinyl siding is the perfect time to think about steps to take to keep it looking great. Take a proactive approach when it comes to keeping your siding looking and performing at its best.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding Is Easier Than You Might Think

One of the best things about vinyl siding is that it’s so easy to keep clean; all you need is vinegar, warm water and either a soft-bristle brush or a soft cloth. While cleaning your siding once a year, you’ll want to start at the bottom and work your way up, making sure you thoroughly wash off soap as you go to keep it from leaving stains behind on your new house siding in Fairfield County.

Be Careful of Where You Park

If you park your car near the side of your home, or if your kids like to leave their bikes on the side of the house, make sure everyone is mindful of the siding. You can’t actually dent siding, but it is possible to break and crack it with enough pressure, such as when you hit siding with the lawn mower while cutting the grass. Should you see where your siding has sustained damage, you’ll want to have it replaced ASAP to keep your home and your investment protected.

Use Caution When Using Pressure Washers

Should you choose to use a pressure washer to keep your house siding in Fairfield County clean, be sure to check that your siding is compatible with the pressure washer you’re using. Even if it is, you’ll want to be careful of just how much pressure you use to clean your siding.

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