Opt for a Sustainable Cladding, Choose Only Vinyl Siding

Connecticut is one of the top 10 states for energy efficiency based on the scorecard released by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. The state government is seeking to place higher in the rankings, so there is currently a drive to lower consumption:

Connecticut is also closing the gap due to passage of a major energy bill in 2013.

Connecticut, which held the No. 5 spot in the current rankings, passed a major energy bill in June 2013, calling for the benchmarking of state buildings, expanding combined heat and power programs, and doubling funding for energy efficiency programs.

The effort is indeed a benchmark because Connecticut is known for its pricey energy costs. Bills of CT consumers are usually very high because of the following reasons as stated in this article on energyefficiencymarkets.com:

“Connecticut is a small state with relatively limited energy resources within our borders,” Esty said. “Our most available and affordable resource is energy efficiency.”

“As a state we dramatically overspend on energy, as we buy energy that ends up wasted,” said Roger Smith, Connecticut co-director of the Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund.

Residents should participate in the drive of the city government and consider installing products that are environment friendly in their homes. For instance, Vinylume Inc. offers CT vinyl siding that will dramatically improve the insulation level of your home, which will reduce the need for heating and cooling systems to be running round the clock. Moreover, since it’s extremely durable, you won’t need to pay much for repairs and replacement in the near future.

Beyond saving money and helping the state’s program, you’re also accomplishing a more important task with new horizontal vinyl siding. Helping the Earth by reducing your home’s carbon footprint will give you more benefits than you can imagine down the road.

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