Preparations to Secure Your House from Severe Weather

The classic song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” seems like the appropriate tune to describe the grumpy weather that hit White Plains and metro NY. The commercial hub of Westchester and its neighboring areas were affected by a nonstop downpour, as recent news from reported damage, flash floods, and mudslides within the state: 

The storm dumped 4 inches of rain on Central Park, and nearly 5 inches in parts of Brooklyn, according to the National Weather Service.

Tidal flooding made things worse in neighborhoods along Jamaica Bay.

There were also reports of basements being flooded in homes and businesses on Rogers Ave. and Union St. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The monsoon-like rains closed the Hutchinson River Parkway and the Bronx River Parkway near White Plains, in Westchester County, on Wednesday night.

With such alarming news, several local government organizations such as the NYC Office of Emergency Management urged residents to report any damage caused by flooding to their respective local area hotline. Harsh weather such as this must be prepared for to prevent unwanted casualties.

Know the Risks In Your Area

According to the Office of Emergency Management of New York State, residents should be familiar with the risks within their area as this allows them to prepare ahead of time. To learn more about the storm surge history and other helpful information regarding disasters, your local government has all the information you need.

Refer to the News

One of the most practical ways for homeowners to prepare is to refer to the news. It is important to monitor NOAA radio broadcasts or check local news websites to learn more about the updated weather conditions in your area.

Check Your Home for Potential Hazards

Our roof, as our first line of defense against cruel weather, must be free from damage to prevent things form getting worse. Call a professional company for roofing in White Plains NY to inspect your roof and gutters right away because small problems can quickly become expensive issues when left unattended.

For your White Plains roofing, you should contact Vinylume Inc. immediately because as a local provider, we understand exactly what the weather is like in the area and can give the best advice on how you should go about fixing things around the house.

(Article Excerpt From Rainstorm causes flash floods, mudslide in New York City area,, May 1, 2014) 

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