Protect Your Family from the Cold: Get Your Roof Fixed

In the early days of January, Connecticut has found itself deep in severe cold weather outbreaks. As we are in the middle of the winter months, snow and ice highlight our days and nights, with the temperatures steadily plummeting. In fact, state government has already launched a precautionary measure against this freezing weather by activating the state’s severe weather protocol. As reported by NBC Connecticut, Gov. Dannel Malloy urges “anyone in need of shelter to call 2-1-1 and encourage local communities to consider opening warming centers or other facilities to assist people in need.”

In this kind of weather, our home is subjected to extreme conditions. The part most susceptible to damage is certainly our roof as it protects us not just from the cold, but from heavy snowfall as well. In addition, the many freezing and thawing cycles of winter can certainly wreak havoc on our roofs. In very cold temperatures, water freezes into ice when it gets trapped in holes or cracks. The ice then expands. With the expansion of ice comes the expansion of the material around it. When it gets warmer, the ice thaws. The resulting accumulated water will refreeze and expand again, which means the holes and cracks will get bigger too. Needless to say, the existing damage to your roof will worsen with these cycles.

That said, Vinylume Home Improvement—one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Stamford CT, the surrounding communities, as well as some parts of New York—is here to help you make sure your roof is up to the task of protecting you, your family, and your valuables from winter’s icy grip. Whether it’s for complete roof replacement, partial roof replacement, or ongoing maintenance, Vinylume is always ready to help. We offer only top-of-the-line roofing products from GAF, the number 1 roofing manufacturer in the country. Our team of well-trained and vastly experienced professionals is more than capable of handling any roofing job. You can be sure that what we provide is only the best.

To top it all off, Vinylume offers FREE roof inspection, with our roofing experts thoroughly inspecting every aspect of your roofing system—from the shingles to the gutters. We will provide you with a complete and detailed report of our findings. We will then give our expert recommendations for you to be able to decide how you want your roof to be handled, especially to help it withstand winter.

Just give us a call and schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your roofing in Stamford CT and surrounding areas. Call now!

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