Protect Your Home from the Cold with Vinyl Siding

Your siding plays an essential role in preventing energy loss. High quality siding forms an energy-efficient barrier that keeps your home warm and comfortable no matter the outside temperature. Vinylume Home Improvement explains how our siding can benefit your home.

Wall Studs and Energy Efficiency

Wall studs support the weight of your upper floors and roof. These act as the bones of your home, and are an essential component of the building. These allow considerable energy loss, though. While exterior walls have insulation between the wall studs, the studs themselves are poor insulators. Our insulated siding in Connecticut blankets the outside of wall studs. This prevents the energy from escaping. Since wall studs account for up to 25% of every wall, this is a significant improvement.

The Other Benefits of Our Insulated Siding

The International Energy Conservation Code recognizes insulated siding as a form of continuous insulation. This means you can use our insulated siding to qualify your home under the ENERGY STAR® program. In addition, our siding has many other benefits. As the most popular siding material in the country, vinyl siding comes in a range of designs and colors. You can easily choose a vinyl siding that fits your home’s color scheme and architectural style.

Our vinyl siding in CT is also durable. It can resist the effects of heat, cold, and moisture, while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our vinyl siding can also protect your home against noise pollution. The innovative foam backing reduces exterior noise, enhancing interior acoustics. Our siding also demands very little of your time and care. It just needs simple and easy cleaning with soap and water to keep it beautiful year after year. Finally, it has 64% recycled content, making it a green material.

Our insulated vinyl siding is an excellent investment for your home. It will provide you many years of comfort and protect your home from practically any kind of harsh weather condition. Vinylume Home Improvement has several decades of experience helping homeowners with our high-performance siding. We owe our continued success to outstanding customer service, quick and efficient installations, and first-class products. Give us a call to learn more about our siding or to get a free quote.

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