Roof Damage: The Usual Suspects

Roof damage can be caused by many different factors. Although no roofing system lasts forever, it pays to understand the primary causes of failure so you can fortify your roof against them.

Roof Damage

Here are the four usual suspects:

The Elements


Nature is, and will always be, your roofing system’s arch nemesis. The sun is the main culprit since it’s the ultimate source of heat and ultraviolet rays. Strong winds are also harmful as they can blow your asphalt shingles off, while the impact of hailstones can leave damaging bruises on your shingles. Since you can’t exactly escape nature, your best bet is to have your roof regularly maintained, and to conduct a thorough inspection after a strong storm hits your neighborhood.

Subpar Installation Workmanship

Even the highest-quality roof will fail prematurely if it isn’t installed correctly. This is why you should only entrust the job to a certified contractor who specializes in the product you want to buy.If you’re in the market for a GAF roofing system, turn to a Master Elite™ roofer like Vinylume. Our prestigious title tells you that we belong to the top 3% of North America’s roofing contractors with unquestionable proficiency in GAF roof installation.

Poor Maintenance

Lack of maintenance shortens the life span of any roof. After all, you can’t exactly repair problems if you’re not even aware of them in the first place. If your roofing system is older than 10 years, scheduling an inspection yearly allows professionals to thoroughly evaluate its condition and fix issues in their infancy.


Unfortunately, following all the rules will only get you so far. If your roofing system is more than 25 years old, chances are it’s reached the end of its service life and will need to be replaced soon.

Let Vinylume help you preserve the structural integrity of your roof. Since 1951, we’ve been maintaining and replacing roofs in White Plains, NY, and other Westchester County areas, as well as communities in Fairfield County, CT. To talk about your roofing needs, call us now at (866) 244-8029 to set your FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

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