Roofing Investment: Benefits of Manufacturer Certifications

One way to know that you’re choosing the right roofing contractor is to check their manufacturer certifications. This way, you can ensure that the products and services you’ll get are of high quality. Vinylume is a factory-certified GAF Master Elite® contractor, which means that we follow strict standards in providing the roofing products and services you need.

Here’s how a manufacturer certification can help you protect your investment:

Expert Installation
Certified roofing contractors in Norwalk, CT, will get the job done for you swiftly and professionally. Because they are expertly trained for this work, you can have the peace of mind knowing that they know exactly what they’re doing. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, our staff is updated on the latest roof installation techniques through educational materials designed by GAF experts.

Maximum Protection
A manufacturer certification assures you of maximum protection, as the products used are dependable while the entire process is designed for your benefit. Vinylume utilizes GAF’s Weather Stopper® 3-Part Roof Protection System to give you the best and strongest roofing system you can get. With this, your home is protected from various weather conditions all year long.

Dependable Warranty
A manufacturer certification comes with excellent warranty options. This lets you know that your roofing in Norwalk, CT, is still protected by the contractor even after the installation. If a problem occurs, you can call them for help. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, we’re able to provide different warranty options. You can choose from Standard, Better, and Best depending on your needs. Our warranty options can give you protection for up to 50 years.

These are only some of the benefits you can get from manufacturer certifications. Given this, it’s best to look for a Norwalk roofing contractor like Vinylume that’s certified by leading manufacturers.

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