Roofing Problems That Arise During Winter

The winter can be very tough on your roofing system. The freezing and thawing and the snow and ice can result in leaks, mold growth, ice dam formation and structural deterioration that can eventually lead to unwanted costly roof repairs. Here are the most common roofing problems homeowners face during winter:

Roofing Problems That Arise During Winter


When the warm air meets a cold surface, condensation occurs. Condensation usually happens in improperly insulated attics where mold and mildew can damage the interior structure of your home. In order to prevent condensation, make sure that your roof has proper ventilation.

Ice Dams

Ice dams happen on your roofing system when the upper areas of your roofs have an average temperature higher than 32 degrees, while the lower hanging areas have an average temperature below 32. The melted snow refreezes when it arrives at the freezing lower surfaces, causing ice dams to form. This can be prevented by installing a proper attic ventilation system that does not trap hot air.


Icicles on the edges of your roof may look romantic, but they are the direct result of ice damming and they are dangerous. When they start to melt, icicles can fall and hurt people or pets, or damage plants and property. A good roof ventilation system, as well as clean gutters can prevent ice dam and icicle formation.

Strong Winds

Strong winds can affect your roofing system too. They can lift your shingles if they are old or not sturdy enough. It’s a common problem when you hire amateur roofers or storm chasers to fix or replace your roof. In some cases, the strong winds may bring with it some debris that may cause punctures in your roof or other problems. Call Signature Exteriors immediately if your roof suffers such damage.

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