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Jul. 1 2022

Making the right choices during your roofing and siding project is a major decision! We understand that roofing and siding projects are an extremely important decision for you and your house and it would be insane to take any risks during this process. We know that you will be facing many decisions this time including siding and roofing options, price limits and budget, and even what siding and roofing companies you choose to work with. There are many options of companies to choose from that can help you with your project, however, there is one company that is miles ahead of the competition. We at Signature Exteriors are ready and will be happy to provide you with nothing with the best work and support during any project you may have!

What makes Signature Exteriors the right choice for your siding and roofing projects? The answer is simple! Experience. Since 1951, we have performed over 20,000 roofing and siding projects! This is by far the most in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. If you live in the Westchester and Fairfield areas and are looking for an experienced home improvement company to best assist you with your project, look no further than Signature Exteriors. We always bring a level of experience to our jobs that other siding and roofing companies just can’t.

Unlike other siding and roofing companies, we were formed when pride in workmanship still mattered and people followed through on their promises. When we started in Fairfield County, New York, back in 1951, we believed “a person’s word was their bond” and we have kept this principle since our founding. We want all of our customers to know that we value integrity and hard work extremely high and we continue to prove this through our hard work and strong relationships with our clients just like you!

Our core values have remained unchanged since our beginnings as a home improvement company and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients across Fairfield and Westchester County. We insist on selling nothing less than state-of-the-art projects and strictly adhering to all of today’s best installation practices. By taking these steps we are able to guarantee you receive a superior quality roofing or siding project that is built to last. 

Having been in the business for 71 years and counting, there is really no other choice for a roofing and siding project than Signature Exteriors. With over seven decades in the business, we have been the contractor that multiple generations of families across Fairfield and Westchester Counties have trusted with their homes. We also follow a meticulous installation process with expert installers who have hundreds of years of combined roofing and siding installation experience. Another major aspect of Signature exteriors that sets us apart from the competition is our accountability. We provide the longest warranties, have rigorously betted installers, and a firmly established brick-and-mortar location that allows us to provide 100% accountability in an industry infamous for unreliability. Other roofing and siding companies in the industry can’t or won’t provide the same for you.

This is why you should always choose Signature Exteriors. You don’t provide over 20,000 roofing and siding projects over 71 years and not establish yourself as the best home improvement company around. We will always be happy to hear from you and assist in answering any questions you may have! We hope to hear from you soon! Visit our website at signatureexteriors.com!

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