Signature Exteriors Carries the Best Brands in Vinyl Siding

Jun. 11 2021

As a family owned business since 1973, Signature Exteriors knows their stuff about vinyl siding. To become one of the top vinyl siding companies, we have combined high quality products with great service that is completely affordable. 

Vinyl siding is the perfect choice for homeowners that are looking for an option that is low maintenance but still has the appearance to compliment your home. Where paint and wood can be very costly, installed vinyl looks beautiful while protecting your home, being energy efficient and preventing outside air and noise from infiltrating your personal space.

We want to distinguish ourselves from other vinyl siding companies so we have spent years and years researching what is the best brands of vinyl siding to use that lives up to our expectations. The types of siding we offer are CertainTeed and Mastic vinyl siding. 

Mastic vinyl siding is the perfect siding manufacturer for homeowners looking for beautiful siding on a budget. They use the highest quality building materials that match the look of real painted or stained wood. We carry a ton of different styles and colors that are guaranteed to last.

CertainTeed vinyl siding is truly one of the best producers of high quality siding on the market. Their array of colors they offer is unmatched by any other brand and give the customer a wide selection of options. The color of their siding is developed to last and is guaranteed to upgrade any home.

The lines  of CertainTeed we carry:

  • Cedar Impressions Vinyl Siding: This gorgeous siding provides the warm, homey look that only cedar can provide. The molded texture of the siding is identical to the patterns of perfectly cut wood. High quality vinyl shingles without the cost and maintenance of real wood siding.
  • Board and Batten Vinyl Siding: The pattern of this siding offers a one-of-a-kind design that will make any house distinct. The alternating wide and narrow pattern provides a vintage appearance that elevates the architectural style of the home.
  • Chamfer Board Vinyl Siding: This subtle yet effective design is the perfect way to make any home unique. The durability of the chamfer board vinyl siding offers the impression of bevel-edged wood panels .

At Signature Exteriors, we always appreciate and keep up with the trends where other vinyl siding companies fall short. Over the past year, we have noticed a transition of colors of siding that has recently become more popular. While earth tones have always been admired, lately we have seen cooler undertones become the new thing to have. This kind of siding includes color palettes of blues, grays and greens. 

If you are looking to follow this trend, Signature Exteriors is the perfect place for you. All of CertainTeed lines include cool toned colors that are guaranteed to impress your neighbors and guests.

Keep your search for vinyl siding companies easy. Signature Exteriors has been the premier vinyl siding installation company for the past 70 years serving all of Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Visit our website to view our selection of siding and schedule a free quote today.

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