Stand Up To The Winter Weather With A Quality Roofing Company

Signature Exteriors Stamford Roofing Company
Mar. 2 2021

Your kids may be loving all the snow that we’ve been getting, but we here at Signature Exteriors know just how much of a headache the winter weather can be. Whether it’s shoveling the driveway, salting your walkways, or brushing off your car, winter weather can seem like it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Among all of these concerns, it is important you keep in mind how the winter weather may be impacting your house, and Signature Exteriors is the roofing company that will make sure your home is safe.

Snow, while certainly charming to look at, has the potential to be a real problem for the integrity of your roof. As snow accumulates, its weight grows and grows and could eventually exceed the load-bearing capacity of your roof. If this is to happen, it is likely your roof will create loud creaking sounds, disturbing the peace of your home. Additionally, a roof compromised from the weight of snow can lead to unsightly and potentially hazardous cracks in the walls over windows and doors. Accumulated snow combined with a roof installed by an inexperienced or undisciplined roofing company can even result in a roof collapse.

The hazards of winter weather, unfortunately, don’t stop at snow. The strong winds that come around this time of year can loosen and even rip off your shingles, jeopardizing the integrity of your roof. A poorly installed roof can also cause ice dams to build up in your gutters, keeping water on your roof and causing leaks. Leaks will result in health hazards such as mold or mildew. A weak roof will also struggle to insulate your home, allowing the freezing cold to leak through and could cost you a fortune in heating costs. With 70 years of experience as a leading roofing company under their belt, Signature Exteriors understands the risks associated with a weak roof and will take every step to ensure your home and family are safe.

Signature Exteriors offers a range of the very best roofing materials available. After decades of working in roofing, the experts at Signature Exteriors have determined that roofs made with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System are the best you can get. By making sure that you are getting the absolute best materials, Signature Exteriors is ensuring that you have a roof that will stand up to the winter weather year after year.

When you choose a roofing company, you want to make sure that you are working with a company you can trust. We here at Signature Exteriors feel that being the longest established roofing contractor in both Fairfield and Westchester Counties shows that we have earned your trust. And we continue to work for your trust with our intensive roof installation and inspection procedures. We stress every little detail when it comes to installing your roof to guarantee that there are no flaws that could turn into problems for you down the road. Pair our obsessive approach to roof installation with our post-installation 10-point inspection, and there isn’t a blizzard that would dare mess with your roof!

To learn more about how Signature Exteriors can help strengthen your home’s roof, visit or call (866) 244-8029 today!

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