The Differences Between Vinyl and Composite Siding

One of the toughest choices for siding material is choosing between vinyl and composite. They share similarities, such as design options and low-maintenance properties. However, they differ in terms of durability and stability. Find out what makes each one unique before you decide which one fits your home.

The Differences Between Vinyl and Composite Siding

Durability and Maintenance

Composite siding is known to be one of the toughest materials on the market. It can efficiently handle changes in weather conditions, regardless of whether it has to deal with snow or rain.

Meanwhile, vinyl siding, while less adaptable to the climate, is very resilient. The average siding lasts for about twenty to thirty years in use. It also is remarkable for being low-maintenance, as proven by most of our clients who picked our James Hardie siding.

Energy Efficiency

Composite siding is known to survive well in different weather and climate conditions. That means it won’t expand during warm summer days, or get deformed during cold winter nights. It also means it can reduce the amount of energy that escapes from within your home.

Meanwhile, vinyl requires an insulated layer to combat heat transference. That’s why we offer insulated vinyl in order to give our homeowners a solution that gives them the benefits of energy-efficient vinyl.

Design Options

One of the most important functions of both composite siding and horizontal vinyl siding is the variety of design choices. You can make it look like wood and tile. It comes in various architectural styles and colors, all designed to boost your home’s aesthetic value.


Lastly, vinyl siding is beloved for being simple to install and for its competitive price. While it may not last as long, it is relatively more affordable to repair and replace. The same cannot be said for composite siding, as good-quality options often cost more.

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