The Many Benefits of Regular Roof Inspections

Roof Inspection
Aug. 21 2017

Owning a roof is a responsibility. Since it won’t take care of itself, it has to be professionally inspected (and serviced when necessary) to stay intact for as long as possible.

Regular Roof Inspections

As a reliable roofer since 1951, Vinylume has perfected a 10-point roof inspection process to assess the condition of your roofing systems. Why not let us regularly check your roofing system? Here are the best reasons:

Identifying Problems Early

Finding a good vantage point from the street is not the right way to evaluate your roof’s condition – at least, not all the time. Visible signs of damage alert you to problems, but not seeing any superficial issues doesn’t mean nothing’s wrong.

On the other hand, our roofing professionals have the expertise and equipment to identify issues the layman couldn’t otherwise spot. We can uncover red flags at their infancy and deal with them before worse comes to worst.

Avoiding Costly Home Repairs

Identifying roofing problems that need fixing will cost you money. Yet, if we can discover any issue at its earliest stage, we help minimize your expenses. After all, roof leakage could affect any area of your home. When a leak goes undetected and suddenly presents itself in a big way, it could wreak havoc with your space inside and out.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

Using your roofing warranty when its conditions are unmet would void it. Almost every guarantee would require proper maintenance, which refers to regular inspections and urgent repairs. Any upkeep oversight and shortcoming puts you in hot water, leaving you liable.

Extending Your Roof’s Service Life

Even the toughest asphalt shingle roofing system relies on routine maintenance to last for decades. Lack of professional inspections can cause premature roof failure due to neglect. Weathering may be natural, but replacement of damaged parts is an act of man.

At Vinylume, our 10-point roof inspection is absolutely free of charge. If everything’s fine, the day’s pay of our crew and the gas of our truck are on us. But if we find any problem, we’d offer sound recommendations to permanently fix it in the most economical way and write you a no-obligation estimate.

To schedule your FREE consultation in Norwalk, CT, or anywhere in Westchester County, call us now at (866) 244-8029.

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