The Right Roof: Which One is For Your Home?

The most crucial task of protecting your home and family from the rage of different kinds of weather conditions lies on the roof. The wind, rain, snow, hail, and heat of the sun can damage it and can lead to other problems if not addressed sooner.

Since this is quite a common problem for many of us, equipping our home with a sturdy roof can minimize the damage that these can bring. The following is a sample concern that we deal with regularly at Vinylume:

Q: I’m thinking of getting a new roof, since it is quite old and damaged due to the ever changing weather conditions in Fairfield. We can’t fully decide on which kind will be the right one for our home.

A: Hi, we understand this concern very well. As you have mentioned, it is true that the weather in Fairfield and other parts of CT like Danbury can be erratic, as this weather report on stated in its June 8th forecast:

High pressure continued to dominate Connecticut’s weather Sunday. The high will drift off the mid-Atlantic Coast, transporting a bit more humid air mass into the region on Monday as a southwest flow develops on the backside of the high. The combination of increasing levels of humidity and the slow moving cold front could spark a few showers on Monday.

The cold front will weaken as it crosses the Northeast Tuesday with a few showers and thunderstorms. The front will stall offshore on Wednesday, followed by more high pressure from Eastern Canada that may allow for some sun to return to Connecticut. The next front will slowly approach the area by next Friday with another band of showers.

Such changing weather conditions indeed can damage your roofing in Fairfield CT, especially if it is old and composed of substandard materials. Since a roof is a complex structure, its shingles, underlayment, flashing, decking, gutters, and vents should be inspected and replaced regularly if found damaged. What we recommend as a replacement is GAF’s Lifetime shingles, which are designed to be long lasting and require little maintenance, despite the ever-changing weather.

Of course, beyond getting the right roofing in Danbury CT or Fairfield, you should only trust contractors who have been in the industry for a long time. Give Vinylume a call so that we can give a more detailed assessment.

 (Article Excerpt from Sunday Forecast: Late-Day Showers Possible Monday, Fox CT)


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