Things To Remember When Designing the Perfect Exterior

We all want our homes to look spectacular, but designing the exterior can be difficult. It’s a complicated process involving symmetry, color, texture, and balanced shapes and lines. Behind all the building elements and materials in play, however, most visually appealing homes follow a few key design principles. Follow these rules during your exterior home improvement and your home will stand out from the crowd.


Keep Symmetry in Mind
Balance and symmetry are important factors in creating visual appeal. A symmetrical exterior creates harmony, order, and aesthetically pleasing results. For a simple example, Georgian homes have a centered door and windows that flank either side.

This isn’t the only way you can achieve this however. Using vinyl siding in Connecticut with different patterns and using them in a balanced proportion makes your home look eye-catching. We provide a wide range of different vinyl siding, so during our consultations feel free to ask us about them. We’ll help you find the best combinations and proportions for your home.

Consider Your Siding’s Design and Texture
Your choice in siding materials affect your home’s energy efficiency and weather resistance, but remember that it should also reflect your personal style. That’s why we provide vinyl siding for your home. Vinyl siding is energy efficient, durable, and can perfectly mimic the look of wooden shakes, shingles, and clapboard. Different textures create different appeal, so don’t be afraid to mix and match for your home.

Use Colors That Complement One Another
Color is one of the most important choices you can make for your siding in Connecticut. The safe and effective approach to color schemes is to choose two shades from the same color strip. Combine lighter and darker shades for your siding’s body and trim. Then accent your home with a contrasting color to complete your exterior. Since we offer many different siding colors, you can easily enhance your home’s unique architectural style.

Master these basic principles and you will be well on your way to boosting your home’s curb appeal. If you need assistance, our talented designers are here to help. Vinylume Home Improvement has been in business since 1951.

We’ve worked on countless homes and we can easily help you design the perfect exterior. We use only the best materials and brand for the job, and we can provide an extensive variety of siding designs and colors. Give us a call at 866-244-8029 to learn more about our products and services or to get a free quote.

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