Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl for Your Siding

I think we can all agree that choosing the right siding for our homes is not an easy decision to make. Simply because of the fact that this part of the house has the biggest impact on the overall aesthetics. In a place like Connecticut where it ranked as one of the areas with high foreclosures, this kind of bad news is unacceptable to happen to your asset.

The most common material for siding in CT is vinyl and below is a list of why most homeowners often choose this over fiber cement:

1. Cost. Compared to other materials, vinyl is the least expensive but that doesn’t mean it does not deliver. As a matter of fact, it is also better for insulation unlike fiber cement.

2. Maintenance. Vinyl comes in different colors so there is no need for additional improvements on it. Because the material is mostly plastic, there is no need for complicated ways on cleaning it. An article from further explains that:

Here’s where vinyl siding pulls way ahead of fiber cement. When fiber cement is installed, it needs to be caulked and painted (unless you opt for the prepainted version), unlike vinyl siding, which needs no additional work before or after installation. Over the long haul, you’ll need to paint fiber-cement siding periodically because it will fade due to the demands of Mother Nature. Likewise, you’ll need to ensure that the caulking in the joints maintains its integrity to avoid water intrusion.

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, needs little more than a periodic spray cleaning with your garden hose and some soapy water to retain its vibrant look.

3. Appearance. This material has the widest variety in terms of design and color, either for modern or contemporary ideas. That is why more homeowners prefer this for their houses.

So if you want to have all three amazing characteristics in one, opt for a CT vinyl siding and make a great investment for your home. But if you want the best, we at Vinylume Home Improvements can give you exactly that.

Our products are of the highest quality from leading manufacturers that gives all these advantages and more! You also get a superior workmanship and best customer service. So stop stressing about siding and we’ll make it easier for you.

(Article Excerpt from Vinyl Siding vs. Fiber Cement: Which Is Right for Your Home?,, n. d.)

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