Video: 3 Key Areas to Prevent Roof Leaks

Jul. 18 2016


Roof Leaks

Keeping your roof watertight is the only thing you really need to do to make sure it keeps serving its purpose. If you know which areas to protect, you can prevent leaks and identify red flags as early as possible.

As the leader in asphalt roofing in Connecticut, Vinylume wants to share what parts of your roof you should keep an eye on to prevent water leakage. With routine inspection, you can easily discover any damage on these key vulnerable areas:

The Plane

Starting from the top, anything that pops through the plane of your roof requires plenty of attention. Any pipe, chimney, or skylight has to be checked regularly to ensure everything’s properly sealed. Unlike in other surfaces, the sealants in these places are more likely to fail faster due to their tricky design.

In every case, it’s best to leave this job in the hands of pros. Even if you don’t have a fear of heights, climbing the ladder and scrutinizing any type of roofing in White Plains, NY, is always a risky endeavor. To stay safe and make sure your roof is inspected by a trained eye, let professionals tackle the job.

The Edges

As waterways for rainwater from the roof, your gutters should remain clog-free at all times. Keeping them clear is one of the most effective ways to prevent water damage at home. Instead of cleaning your entire gutter system every now and then, it pays to invest in covers to naturally send any sizable debris straight to the ground.

Remember that checking behind the gutters is imperative. Everything may look in great condition on the outside, but you might discover rotten wood behind your drip edge. Not only do crevices serve as entryways for small critters and insects, but they also let water into your home. Any sign of rot is a cause for concern.

The Inside

You may not realize it, but looking at your roofing in Westchester from the inside could reveal telltale signs of leaks. Go to your attic and check for spots of moisture. Mold growth is an alarming indication of water infiltration—even to the smallest degree.

Your roof becomes less of a roof when water leakage starts. You can prevent this with professional help. To schedule a thorough roof inspection, call Vinylume now at (866) 244-8029.


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