Vinyl Siding For a Greener Environment

Many brands are working to make products, which can help create a healthy environment. As a partner of these brands, Vinylume Home Improvement takes pride in providing vinyl siding that can promote greener surroundings.

Let us show you how we plan to uphold our commitment to a healthy environment through our vinyl siding:

Through its Energy Efficiency

Our CT vinyl siding is a great insulator. It can help regulate heat in your home, which can make your home more livable. It can also help you avoid relying too much on your heating and cooling systems, assuring you of more energy savings. These utilities produce air particles that can be dangerous to your health; by reducing your usage, you can help improve air quality in your home.

Through Its Low-Maintenance Quality

We offer vinyl siding only requires minimal maintenance. You no longer need to repaint it to preserve its beauty — you only need to wash it with soap. Its resistance to rotting, cracking, and insect damage, makes it a good long-term investment. It will keep you from using too much effort and materials that can be damaging to nature.

Through its Sustainability

Vinyl performs better as compared with other materials. As it is easy to install, you’ll enjoy lower labor costs, which leads to less usage of resources. This means that there is less carbon footprint. In addition, our vinyl siding is made from mostly recycled materials. We also have undergone strict training when it comes to installing our product. You can be sure that we will clean after we go, which goes a long way in promoting a greener environment.

Through Its Durability

We take pride that our horizontal vinyl siding can withstand strong winds and resist heat, cold, and moisture. This quality will give you the assurance that our product will provide protection for your home for a lasting period. This means that you can enjoy these benefits for a long time, without the need to replace it or usage of more resources.

As a CertainTeed-certified siding contractor, we commit ourselves to creating a healthier environment. You can be sure that working with us translates to your active participation in saving nature. For more information about our green products, call us today.

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