Vinyl siding is viable for keeping your maintenance tasks low

Introduced during late-1950s, vinyl siding is relatively new compared to other types of cladding like aluminum and wood. It didn’t gain much popularity because of its poor quality, but manufacturers continued to make developments so the vinyl siding that is available today is completely different from what its detractors criticized about it before.

But advances in the 1970s re-engineered the product to make it much as it is today—weatherproof, insect-proof, fade-resistant and under normal conditions, virtually indestructible. Some manufacturers, such as Mastic, offer vinyl siding that can resist wind speeds up 240 miles per hour.

In a recent report on, more praise is aimed at the benefits of vinyl siding:

The Vinyl Siding Institute is promoting a report that says vinyl siding is more sustainable than most other types of exterior cladding.

The report compares the environmental performance of vinyl siding, insulated siding, cedar siding, stucco, exterior insulation and finishing systems, fiber-cement siding (without recycled content), and bricks and mortar. Along with life-cycle and environmental-impact analyses, the report includes data on the materials’ costs, toxicity and impact on human health.

In most areas, vinyl siding outperformed other claddings, according to the report.

Installing new vinyl siding in CT is therefore advisable to increase the performance of the insulation system of your home, particularly if your existing cladding is already old and worn out. With the energy efficiency features of this type of siding, aside from saving money on your own, you are also participating in the city government’s goal to reduce energy consumption.

Another advantage you’ll get is that vinyl has a wide range of long lasting color options, eliminating the need for frequent painting; it isn’t usually this easy to keep your siding in Connecticut fresh looking because of the ever changing climate. On top of its durability and resistance to damage, Vinylume, Connecticut’s best home improvement company, even includes a Triple Protection Warranty service. This means when you buy vinyl siding from us, you’re basically getting a product that will outlast anything else in the market.

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Article Excerpt from Report touting vinyl siding, Plastic News, February 7, 2013

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