Vinyl Siding: Top 4 Benefits of Its Insulation Feature

Vinyl siding is the top-selling exterior cladding in the country, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It has more benefits than most people are aware of—insulation is among them. This competitive edge brought by advancement in the industry offers homeowners and builders a chance to boost energy efficiency and savings.

But what makes vinyl a popular choice among expert siding and roofing contractors in CT? Its ability to keep your home warm and comfortable with its high-tech insulation, that’s what! Here are the top four benefits of insulated vinyl:

1.       Low-maintenance. Vinyl siding has proven to be resistant to rusting and fading. Most homeowners favor vinyl over other siding materials because of its resilience and easy-to-maintain feature. Its beautiful appearance can be preserved for a long time. It is also water-resistant.

2.       Able to effectively block air and noise. Insulated siding helps prevent drafts that can negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home. This is also an ideal choice for homeowners who live in a busy area. Insulated siding efficiently reduces the amount of sound that goes in (and out) of your house.
3.       Sustainable. Vinyl siding is more sustainable and is remarkably better for the environment compared with other materials. There’s practically no manufacturing waste, and it has minimal installation scrap. Some manufacturers have also partnered with recyclers to decrease waste and increase access to recycling services.

4.       Energy-efficient. Having enough insulation can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, as was mentioned earlier. By using insulated vinyl siding, the thermal resistance of your home is greatly increased, which helps lower your energy consumption and cost over time. In summer, your siding can aid in cooling down the temperature, while it can help circulate more heat inside your home in winter.

Its other benefits include enhanced impact resistance, reduced wall irregularities, and a low installation cost. If you need more information on the benefits of insulated vinyl siding, get in touch with us at Vinylume. We’ll help you come up with ideas on how to reinforce your siding.

We also offer a range of services for your Connecticut roofing and windows. Give us a call today for your home improvement needs. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

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