Vinyl Siding: Which Siding Panel is Best for Your Home?

If you’re thinking of having new vinyl siding installed for your home, you have many options. While that gives you more freedom to plan the final look of your home, it also makes your selection process a challenge.

As the leading provider of quality vinyl siding in Connecticut, Vinylume can help you make the perfect choice for your home. It’s essential to look at the big picture before selecting the right vinyl siding. To help you understand your options, we list our most popular siding panels from CertainTeed, along with their individual features and benefits.

Cedar Impressions®: Timeless Beauty and Strength

If you’re looking for a vinyl siding in CT that combines beauty and strength in one package, go for Cedar Impressions®. This set of products features six siding styles and a designer color palette, which includes both deep and lighter hues. Composed of durable injection molded polypropylene, it includes a TrueTexture™ finish molded from authentic cedar shingles. This provides the products with their timeless, classy look. In addition, Cedar Impressions siding has lock tabs and ribs on the back of the panels for improved strength and protection.

Monogram®: Leader in Innovation

This family of siding continues to lead the way in innovation through many significant industry firsts. Monogram® was the first to offer dramatic, darker shades, along with a spectrum of colors with PermaColor™ lifetime fade protection. It was also the first to use a direct transfer system from real cedar boards for an authentic TrueTexture™ woodgrain finish. Monogram was also the first to perform under extreme conditions through propriety RigidForm™ technology. When you install this siding in Connecticut, you’ll get the rich look and resiliency of cedar without the expense and heavy maintenance.

Both Cedar Impressions and Monogram siding panels come in an impressive color selection. They are also backed by industry-leading warranties from our company and CertainTeed. While they have their own features and advantages, rest assured you’ll get a high-quality siding when you install either of these panels.

For more information and expert tips on your siding, call Vinylume at (866) 244-8029. We’ll be ready to address your concerns through our FREE in-home consultation.

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