Vinylume Home Improvement’s 10-Step Roof Inspection

When it comes to Connecticut roofing, Vinylume Home Improvement is one of the most trusted among residents of Connecticut and some parts of New York. We are number 1 not just because of the top-of-the-line products we offer, but also because our roofing experts are very meticulous in making sure that your roof is kept in top condition.

Our 10-step roof inspection plays a key part in the services we provide. We conduct an on-site roof inspection where our expert roofers actually climb onto your roof and look at it closely. This inspection allows us to really see and assess the true condition of your roof. We then produce a thorough report, where we also offer our expert recommendations.

Give us a call to schedule an inspection, and our team of friendly roofing contractors in CT will go to your house and execute our 10-step inspection process, which includes the following areas:

  1. Roof condition. We’ll check the overall appearance of your roofing—from physical damage to structural deformations—and tell you if it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Chimney. It’s technically not part your roof, but since we’re already up there, we can also check the chimney for you.
  3. Gutters. We’ll be looking out for holes, clogs, dents, and hanging parts of the gutters. We’ll also check whether your gutters are way past their life span.
  4. Downspouts. Similar to gutters, downspouts are used to channel water to the drains. These should be able to carry out their job efficiently.
  5. Flashing. The flashing should be able to keep the joints and edges of your roof leak-free.
  6. Roof ventilation. Proper ventilation should be able to help reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills.
  7. Soffit. This is the underside of the overhang of your roof. It is usually damaged when animals like squirrels, birds, and raccoons decide to nest there. Soffit damage can also be blamed on a faulty gutter system.
  8. Vent pipes. We’ll check the vent pipes for any damage or if animals nest in them.
  9. Drainage. This is where water from the roof will eventually end up. It shouldn’t be clogged or obstructed in any way to avoid water damage to your home.
  10. Attic. We’ll also thoroughly check your attic and look for signs of leaks and other roofing problems.

The best thing about this inspection is that it’s absolutely free. Just give us a call at Vinylume Home Improvement, and we’ll take care of your roof for you in no time!

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