Vinylume: Supporting Green Homes and Sustainability

Environmentally friendly and sustainable properties are now becoming popular in the United States. At Vinylume, we share your concern and care for the environment. To help you with your home improvement projects without producing too many wastes, we have teamed up with manufacturers that offer “green products.”

By purchasing replacement roofing, windows, and siding in CT, you receive the following benefits:

CertainTeed Guarantee
CertainTeed is a top manufacturer of building materials, including ceiling products, roofing, railing, insulation, fence, and vinyl siding in North America. The company has received quite a few awards and certifications from world-renowned organizations, such as Energy Star, GreenCircle Certified, and USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) for their sustainable products.

Our CT vinyl siding from CertainTeed is made from 89% recycled materials, which helps minimize your carbon footprint. You can choose from a range of colors and patterns. We also offer siding in various profiles, including vertical and horizontal panels, beaded designs, Dutch lap, traditional lap, shingles, scallops and shakes.

Expert Installation
When it comes to home improvements, getting high quality materials is just half of the story. You also need to find professionals who can install the products for you. With Vinylume, you don’t just get green products, but service from professional installers, too. Our crew has been factory-trained by CertainTeed to make sure you get the most from your siding.

Green-Oriented Features
Many of our sustainable products come with features that let you reduce energy consumption and help make your home more resistant to different weather conditions. Our vinyl siding also have air and noise barriers, preventing outside air and external noise from getting into your home. They also have an innovative moisture management feature, which lets your walls breathe by allowing moisture to escape.

There are many ways to care for the environment. Replacing your siding with one made of recycled materials is small step that offers huge benefits. Let Vinylume help you achieve your home improvement goals. Contact us and consult our experts about siding, window, and roof replacement.

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