Ways On Helping the Environment with Sustainable Roofing

We may not notice, but home construction or any remodelling projects often leave behind wastes that are sometimes harmful to our environment. Newly manufactured products, discarded parts of products, and debris from construction sites are all waste that impact the environment around us.

However, we can use methods and resources that can help us continue home construction and remodelling while minimizing the environmental impact.

Vinylume, one of the leading and trusted roofing contractors in CT and New York, offers some ways on how we can save the environment through sustainable roofing.

Use weather-resistant roofs
Weatherproof roofing lasts longer compared to normal roof. They are expected to last three times longer and more and are very advantageous in areas with extreme heat, wind, humidity, or temperature.

Aside from that, they also reduce the amount of energy your home generates. This means minimizing carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment and lowering your monthly energy bills.

Vinylume offers insulated siding and weather-resistant roofs that are perfect in reducing or lowering both carbon footprint emission and your home energy costs. Manufactured by CertainTeed®, their vinyl siding products are made with as much as 80% post-consumer or recycled materials.

Maximizing roof areas
One way of helping the environment is by maximizing the use of your roof areas. Instead of being just a roof that protects your home or building, you can turn your roof spaces for rooftop classrooms, environmental demonstration areas, exercise facilities and social meeting spaces, among others.

With many years of experience as one of the best Connecticut roofing providers, installers and manufacturers of Vinylume can assist you in planning and strategizing the best way to maximize your roof area.

Use low-VOC coatings, adhesives and sealants
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. By using low-VOC coatings, adhesives and sealants, you help reduce air-borne chemicals inside your home.

As an expert roofing contractor, Vinylume ensures its clients that the materials and products that they install in your home are sustainable, recycled/recyclable, and energy efficient.

Going green by using sustainable roofs is a big step in helping our environment. If you want to know more about sustainable roofs or want one to be installed in your home, contact us today at 866-244-8029. We offer a free, no obligation consultation and estimate.


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