What to Expect When Tackling a Roof Replacement

When your damaged roof is beyond (or not worth) saving, re-roofing isn’t only a necessity, but also an opportunity to revitalize your home’s curb appeal. It’s a major project you should plan carefully to avoid huge headaches along the way.

Roof Replacement

To live through your roof replacement, Vinylume shares the things you must expect:

Surprises, Surprises, Surprises

In home improvement, no plan is ironclad. In most cases, unforeseen challenges present themselves unexpectedly, requiring change orders that would ruin your budget. Fortunately, experienced roofers can often decipher the unknown before actual work begins.

During the initial inspection and consultation, find out what concerns your contractor about the project. Professional roofers have a trained eye, identifying tiny red flags that might signal big problems down the line. Talk about it beforehand and set aside money for contingencies.

Mess, Noise, Stress

A roof replacement would surely disrupt your home. Prepare yourself and your family for the disturbance in the next couple of days to survive your roofing project with little fuss.

Considering it would make your home unlivable for a while, consider making temporary accommodation arrangements. This way, you could stay away from the hassle and find it easier to maintain a sense of normalcy during the remodel.

Updates, Reminders, Questions

Even if everything’s written in the contract, you should establish open communication with your roofer to stay on top of your project. Experienced roofing contractors would recommend daily meetings to discuss progress reports. Regular interactions give you a chance to express any concern you might have and vice versa.

Before construction starts, determine the best mode of communication for both parties. If you’re going to move out while the project is underway, it’s advisable to stay somewhere nearby so you could easily visit the site when necessary.

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