Why You Should Install Vinyl Siding in Stamford

Dec. 1 2021

Vinyl siding is one of the most effective and lowest maintenance home improvement projects available. Refreshing a house with a high quality siding replacement can vastly improve curb appeal, and can even save you money in the long run with energy efficiency and fewer upkeep expenses to keep track of. Vinyl siders in Stamford can help you install this great home improvement project quickly, easily, and for a great value.

Compared to other siding options, vinyl siding is one of the most cost effective solutions available to improve the appearance of your home. Vinyl siding is oftentimes cheaper to purchase and install than traditional methods such as wood and brick. Similarly, after vinyl siding is installed, it often requires much less upkeep than other types of siding.

One way vinyl siding requires less maintenance is because it does not need to be regularly repainted in the way that traditional siding does. Vinyl siding can come in a wide variety of colors and textures that require no further maintenance after installed to maintain their vibrance. Vinyl siders in Stamford will be able to replace your siding and instantly revamp your house without the need of contracting a painter as well.

Another way vinyl siding requires less maintenance is because it is oftentimes more durable than other styles of siding. Because vinyl siding is made of a specially formulated plastic, it is highly weather resistant, impact resilient, and virtually immune to rot and other problems often associated with semi permeable materials like wood.

In addition to its improved hardiness, vinyl siding’s chemical design makes them excellent insulators. This means that installing vinyl siding can actually improve the energy efficiency of your home through a process called thermal bridging. Because vinyl siding leaves air space between your home and the outside world, this additional buffer can act like a thermos for your home; keeping the cool air inside in the summer and the heat inside in the winter.

Similarly, because of this space between the wall and the outside world, your house has some slack to stretch during with heat expansion as well as ‘ice wedging’ when condensation freezes and expands in the winter. This means homeowners with vinyl siding experience less structural problems and cracks in walls compared to other types of siding.

For the best quality job, you want the vinyl siders in Stamford who have been in the area the longest, have the best track record with their thousands of customers and are accredited by the highest quality of siding and roofing material manufacturers. The only firm that undoubtedly reaches all of these goals is Signature Exteriors.

Our professional vinyl siders in Stamford can install the highest quality of siding projects in only a matter of weeks at the best possible value. Although not always the cheapest option, our jobs regularly exceed industry standards and are the best bang for your buck by a country mile. Our expert vinyl siding contractors are standing by to show you all the options for your next home improvement project with a no pressure free estimate. If you are curious about vinyl siding, or are ready to break ground on a new project, don’t hesitate to give Signature Exteriors a call today at (866) 244-8029.

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