Winter Preparation: 4 Important Areas to Check this Season

Every year, homeowners invest in winter maintenance to keep their houses in tip-top shape. Vinylume Home Improvement works with homeowners in making their maintenance plans happen. In this post, we provide a checklist for your roof, siding, windows, and doors. Find out how you can keep these in their best condition.

1. Roof

● Stay on the safe side when dealing with your roofing in Fairfield, CT. It’s always best to consult the experts. Nevertheless, if you wish to do things on your own, don’t attempt climbing up there.
● Use a pair of binoculars and check your roof from where you’re standing outside of your house.
● Check for any missing, warping or broken shingles. These issues could result in leaks and other problems.
● Inspect your gutters for congestion or damage. Have your local gutter expert clean or repair as needed.
● Look for any signs of damage on your downspouts. This part is equally valuable to your roofing system.

2. Siding

● Assess the age of your siding. How old is your current siding system? If you’re not sure, look for your home improvement documents. This is an important step in determining whether you need a replacement or not.
● Check your siding for holes or cracks. These are usual sources of moisture, which is not good for siding systems.
● Inspect your siding for water stains. If there are many, your exterior finish of your siding needs reinforcing or repainting.
● Schedule a siding maintenance program at least once a year.

3. Windows

● Determine the age of your windows. Like your siding, it’s vital to know if you need a new window or not. Otherwise, you could be putting up with poor window performance.
● Check your windows for any physical damage, such as cracked frames or glass parts.
● Examine your windows for gaps in between the frame and the ridge. If you notice a gap, then your windows are likely wasting precious energy and letting in moisture.
● Put your hand close to your windows on a rainy day. If you feel the chilly air, then that means your windows are leaking.

4. Doors

● Look for dents, scratches, and cracks on the body of your doors.
● Check your door’s sealing and weatherstripping. If these parts are loose, then you have a big problem on energy efficiency.
● Try twisting your doorknob or lock several times. Is it stuck? What about your door’s hardware parts – do these need lubricating?

We hope that this post encourages you to push through with your winter maintenance. Keep this checklist handy and you’ll surely have your windows, doors, siding, and roofing in Greenwich, CT, in their best shape.

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