3 Ways Home Improvement Starts in Your Siding

No other residential project offers the same benefits as a siding replacement. If you decide to replace your old siding today, you can recoup your investment in various ways. You can enjoy the tradeoffs that it offers in maintenance, energy efficiency, and savings.

Above all, you’d love the overall look and feel of your home. Here’s how a replacement siding in Connecticut improves your household:

Replacing your old siding will significantly increase your home value and appearance. With the help of a siding expert, you can pick the right siding material and style to complement your exterior. This way, you can create your own look and stand out in the neighborhood. Many home improvement contractors, such as Vinylume Home Improvement offer siding products in a number of styles, colors, and forms. This is an excellent project if your goal is to upgrade your home externally.

Siding replacement will keep your home dry and comfortable. It offers better-quality protection, which shields your home from elements. Did you know that some siding products, such as what we install, help prevent air infiltration and act as a barrier to external noise? Moreover, a new siding maintains the structural integrity of a household. Through proper installation, it can also improve moisture management in your home.

Energy Efficiency
Lastly, homeowners can enjoy the benefit of a more energy-efficient home. A good siding product helps maintain the existing indoor environment. This is extremely helpful in winter and summer, as homeowners need not use their heating or cooling systems for a long period. Less use of heating and cooling systems will lead to lower energy consumption. Over time, you’ll notice how your siding reduces your energy bill.

These are just three of the many ways in which a new siding improves a home. If you need help in choosing the right vinyl siding in CT, Vinylume Home Improvement can help. We offer Cedar Impressions® Shakes, which has the rugged charm of cedar without its high cost and maintenance. We also have CertainTeed Monogram® siding, which replicates natural wood. They are available in a unique array of colors.

For more information on our siding products and other services, call us at (866) 244-8029. We will be ready to assist you with your needs.

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