4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Siding plays a key role in your home. On top of adding curb appeal to your property, it also doubles as a secondary weather barrier and insulated variants can even increase your home’s energy efficiency. That said, there will come a time when you’ll have to replace it and it’s important to know when.

4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Signature Exteriors lists the four signs that tell you it’s time to replace your siding:

1.    Warped or Rotting Siding

Siding that has rotting surfaces are a clear sign that it has sustained considerable water or weather damage and necessitates repair work. Vinyl siding doesn’t rot, but it does warp when it’s old and past its prime. In some cases, the rot or warp isn’t on the surface of the siding itself. To check, use a screwdriver and poke under the siding. If it feels soft, then it will need replacing soon.

2.    Dry Rot

This is a particularly nasty form of rot many siding materials are susceptible to and it often happens after a storm. The main symptom of dry rot is fungi appearing on the base of the siding. While it may appear like a cosmetic problem, fungi can actually eat away at the siding material until only the top layer remains.

Many homeowners come to us surprised and recount how their seemingly fine siding had actually sustained considerable dry rot underneath the surface. Pieces of siding that have sustained dry rot need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the fungi from spreading.

3.    Peeling Paint or Loose Wallpaper

Another sign that your siding is starting to go faulty is if the wallpaper is starting to come loose or if the paint begins to peel. This is actually an associated warning sign of a more serious side-effect of siding that’s old or in disrepair.

4.    Higher Energy Bills

If you see a noticeable spike in your electric bills, or if you notice that you need to cool or heat your home more often, then it’s time to replace your old siding system. Have us do an in-depth inspection on your siding so we can tell you what’s going on and address it properly.

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