4 Tips for a Perfect Roof Replacement

When your roof system has already sustained sufficient damage from age and extreme weather, the better and lasting solution is roof replacement. Investing in this project, however, takes a significant amount of time and money, so be sure to cover all the bases.

To help you get started, Vinylume Home Improvement, your premier roofing contractors in Stamford, CT, share four essential factors you need to consider when getting a roof replacement.

1. Look to your home’s architectural style. Make sure that your replacement roof can complement your home’s décor and architecture. Different roofing materials work best with a particular home style. For instance, slate roofing fits well with traditional homes like Colonial and Victorian. Clay tiles, on the other hand, will be perfect for Spanish Mission or Mediterranean-style homes while metal roofing is excellent for contemporary homes. If you prefer a lovely and durable but cost-effective option, try our GAF asphalt shingles. These come in a wide selection of colors and textures, some of which can emulate the authentic look of slate and wood shakes.

2. Consider your area’s weather conditions. Your new roof’s longevity and performance depend on its resistance to your region’s weather patterns and environment. For this, you’ll have to choose the right materials to take these factors on. Homes in areas experiencing frequent rainfall will benefit from a metal roof, while clay tiles are best for regions in hot and dry climates.

3. Think of your home’s energy efficiency. Your roof contributes a great deal to your home’s comfort and efficiency. If you want to maintain or improve them, you might want to try Vinylume Home Improvement’s GAF Timberline® Cool Series—shingles that can enhance your interiors’ comfort levels and reduce your costs for energy.

4. Hire a reliable roofing contractor. Much of your roof replacement project’s success depends on your choice of roofers in Stamford, CT. For smooth and worry-free installation of your replacement roof, turn to Vinylume Home Improvement. We have earned certifications from the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry, including GAF’s Master Elite™ and CertainTeed’s Master Craftsman. With our team of expert installers and high-end materials, we’ll make sure you get the perfect roof replacement.

Choose us for quality and stress-free roof replacement. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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