5 Essential Questions before Choosing the Siding Color

Vinyl is a tough material that strengthens your home’s structure and spares you from costly and time-consuming siding maintenance tasks. Beyond function, the color of vinyl siding affects how a house looks like. An attractive color combination will be beneficial in many ways, so it pays to be careful with this step.

Having 70 years worth of installing beautiful siding, Vinylume shares some questions before making that final decision:

1. What is your home’s architectural style?
Take visual cues from your home’s architectural style. For instance, Colonial homes are traditionally painted in one neutral color, often white. Our Monogram vinyl siding in CT painted in unconventional colors will make that basic palette pop. Siding color can make or break the architectural style of your home, so consider it carefully.

2. What do your neighbor’s homes look like?
We suggest taking a walk and getting inspiration from homes in your neighborhood. This is also a great way to figure out which colors will fit your location. You wouldn’t want to choose something so eccentric that it looks out of place. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want your home to be too similar with other houses in the area.

3. What’s the climate in your area?
Take note that sunny days make siding colors look bright, but winter can make that same color look dark and drab. Talk to our experts about vinyl siding in Connecticut and the hues that fit the local climate.

4. What kind of landscaping surrounds your home?
Siding color shouldn’t overpower other elements of your property. For instance, candy colors won’t look good against a contemporary and stark landscape. Choose siding like our Cedar Impressions Shakes for a rugged charm that will blend perfectly with any landscaping.

5. How big is your house?
Color swatches that look good on their own can change their personality depending on the size of your house. For instance, dark colors can look dramatic, but on a large or medium house, it just becomes gloomy. A small home wrapped with light-colored siding on the other hand, can look boring. Your siding in Connecticut should still complement your home’s overall theme.

Don’t let the sheer number of combinations confuse you. Our siding experts at Vinylume would love to give you a hand with a free consultation. Call us today at (866) 244-8029.

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