6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Siding Product

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Jul. 27 2017

The increasing number of high-quality siding products these days could mean that you have more “better” options to choose from. However, it likewise makes it harder to select the perfect one for your home.

Siding Product

To size your siding choices up, Vinylume recommend these factors for judging:

1. Durability

First and foremost, your siding must serve as your home’s protective shell against the elements. It should stand up to any environmental threat over the course of its service life. It should withstand strong winds, non-stop rain, and long-term sun exposure while being impervious to insects and fire.

Most siding materials deliver a decent resistance to the forces of nature, but fiber cement leads the toughness department.

2. Energy Efficiency

Occupying every inch of wall space, your siding plays a vital role in reducing heat transfer to lower your energy costs all year round. Unfortunately, most options are bad insulators with the exception of vinyl siding. Vinyl would increase the R-value of your exterior walls to a great extent.

3. Breathability

The ability of your siding to expel moisture is key to keep indoor humidity under control. Properly installed and adequately vented vinyl and fiber cement siding systems would let your home breathe out excessive warm air.

4. Ease of Installation

The faster the installation, the less disruptive your project becomes. This helps save you dollars on labor and cut the number of days you’d have to deal with the noise and mess.

5. Maintenance

Tending a high-maintenance siding system is a costly and thankless job. Choose a replacement material that never needs painting and only requires a garden hose to return to its pristine condition. Compared with wood and composite products, vinyl and fiber cement are virtually maintenance-free.

6. Aesthetics

Pick a style that would increase your home’s curb appeal. Of all choices, horizontal vinyl siding products are the most popular because they look great on traditional homes. In addition, most homeowners love them, guaranteeing the plus in your home value.

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