7 Reasons Vinyl Siding Is an Ideal Choice

Mar. 31 2017

Vinyl owns up to 31% of the market for siding materials thanks to its numerous benefits in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency, and protection. Here, Vinylume, your top source of quality siding, shares why vinyl is a top choice for many homeowners.

  1. Endures Harsh Weather: Surrounding your exterior walls with vinyl blankets your home with a protective shell. With a flawless installation from Vinylume, your new vinyl siding will stand strong even in the harshest elements, keeping your home safe and sound. Its exceptional strength makes it resistant to abrasion as well.
  2. Impervious to Moisture: Vinyl’s ability to repel moisture makes it a low-maintenance material. Pre-coated with an attractive finish, it won’t require any repainting throughout its service life, nor will it require harsh chemicals for cleaning. Just spray it down once a year with a simple garden hose to restore its pristine condition.
  3. Provides Excellent Insulation: Compared to other options, vinyl siding is a superior insulator. It helps reduce thermal transfer, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means you can achieve your desired level of comfort and enjoy energy savings at the same time.
  4. Resists Fire: Vinyl has excellent fire performance, as it can drastically slow down the spread of flame.
  5. Conserves the Environment: Vinyl is an eco-friendly choice because it’s highly recyclable. It also has a long life span, helping preserve natural resources. Most repurposed vinyl materials are re-made into siding and other products, like pipes.
  6. Saves Money: Vinyl offers many benefits at an affordable cost compared to other siding materials. It provides the best trade-off between affordability and other sought-after siding qualities.
  7. Adds Aesthetic Appeal: Versatility is one of the vinyl’s best qualities. It comes in a huge array of stunning colors and lovely textures, emulating the unmistakable look of cedar. As a five-star siding contractor, we can give you access to CertainTeed’s extensive product selection. From the rustic board and batten to the traditional horizontal siding style, we offer numerous options to meet your unique design preferences.

As a credentialed siding contractor, we can guarantee a smooth and efficient installation. We are proud to serve homeowners in Connecticut. To schedule your no-obligation consultation and get a FREE estimate, call Vinylume at (866) 244-8029.

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