Cedar Shingle Siding: Helping You Beautify Your Home

Cedar is known for its beauty ever since the time of King Solomon, Alexander the Great, and the ancient Egyptians. The famed monarch of the Jews in the Christian Bible used cedar to build his temple. The empire-builder from Macedonia used it in his navy. Egyptians used the oil they were able to extract to help in their mummification processes

In the modern world, one of the countries that use cedar is the United States. Incense cedar is used for pencils, while Western Red Cedar is used for decks and house siding. Many homeowners across the country love the look of cedar on shingles, to the point that they want to use it on their siding, too. To achieve that look, Vinylume offers horizontal vinyl siding from CertainTeed.

Our siding come in different patterns, colors, and profiles including shakes, shingles, vertical and horizontal panels, and Dutch lap. With our reasonably priced vinyl siding, you can get the look of wood siding and the benefits of vinyl in one product.

If you choose to install vinyl siding, you can:

–          Make your house easier to maintain. With our products, you don’t have to keep on repainting your siding.

–          Maintain your house’s structural integrity.

–          Improve your house’s energy usage. Vinyl helps improve your property’s insulating   capacity.

–          Manage your house’s moisture and help your walls breathe.

–          Block unnecessary noise and air. Our vinyl siding features an air and noise barrier that prevents air infiltration and limits noise from getting through your house.

Vinylume has been in the home improvement industry for more than half a century. We’ve sold many CT vinyl siding, roofing materials, windows, and more. Got you curious, haven’t we? Contact us to learn more about our vinyl siding and other products. We also offer free estimates. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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