Common Questions on Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a good choice for siding. Many homeowners prefer vinyl siding because of its low maintenance characteristic. But there are things that you need to understand about vinyl siding. If you are considering this type of siding for your home, here are some of the common questions that may help you understand vinyl siding in CT.

Can homeowners do vinyl installation?
Vinyl siding is fast to install. But this does not mean that it is easy to do, especially if you don’t have an idea about the matter. Furthermore, vinyl siding reacts to heat, and expands significantly. So if you don’t install it correctly, it can buckle, warp and distort. It is always recommended to hire a professional to do vinyl siding installation.

Is vinyl expensive?
The cost of vinyl siding can be reasonably affordable. You just have to invest in good quality materials and have a professional to expertly install it for you. This way you won’t have trouble dealing with poor installation and cheap quality vinyl that gets easily damaged. Using cheap siding and hiring the cheapest works, can make your home look great the day it’s put on but after a year or two you’ll start to see all the flaws. This can cost you unnecessary and expensive repairs.

How long will it take for the installation to be finished?
Vinyl installation can be fast if experts do it. But don’t underestimate the amount of time and effort required for a typical vinyl siding installation. There is still a considerable amount of time needed to have it setup and trimmed. Installers also need to deal with wasps and bee nests, especially during warmer months. Installation is fast, but trim work, caulking and fitting are a bit laborious.

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