Finding the Best Roofing Company with 10 Special Tips

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May. 28 2021

Finding the right roofing company for your very own home can be tricky considering all the local options. However, Signature Exteriors strives to provide unique and extraordinary service to help us stand out among the competition. Whether it’s great customer service or years of experience in the industry, we offer quality work you won’t find with any other roofing contractor.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over the best ways to help you find a quality roofing company and provide you with valuable information. While we can handle anything involving your roofing and siding, we think it’s important for our clients to be well educated in our industry.

  1. Extensive Warranty: While most contractors will offer materials that are designed to last, accidents happen. A low tier roofing company might make a mistake by improperly installing a shingle roof. These mistakes can sometimes take years to notice, and potentially be noticed outside of a warranty.
    With our 20 year labor warranty, we can fix any roof leaks or any other roofing issues your structure may have. For any installation-related problem, we have you covered.
  2. Safety Concerns: A roofing and siding company without proper training can potentially provide safety concerns for anyone around. We’re Gaf Master Elite certified, with President’s Club Status, meaning we’re in the top 1% of roofers. This safety program allows us to perform our job with everyone’s well being in mind.
  3. Referrals and Testimonials: Choosing a contractor that’s local to you has plenty of benefits, but getting the seal of approval from others in your community is even better. Contractors that frequently work in your area are familiar with local code regulations and have a connection with their clients.
  4. Proper Licensing and Insurance: A proper residential roofing company will have insurance for all employees and subcontractors to ensure they’re taken care of. A lack of insurance for their workers might lead to legal issues between a homeowner and contractor. Connecticut requires licensed contractors, but that won’t stop unlicensed roof replacement companies attempting to work for you. Double check your contractor’s licenses online before you hire them.
  5. Designations from a Manufacturer: Manufacturer designations are the best way to tell if a commercial roofing contractor can provide top rated service. Again, the best way to tell if these roofing services are top notch is by visiting their website. From asphalt shingles to vinyl siding, Signature Exteriors carries premier products for your home.
  6. Material Options: The best roofing and siding contractors have a wide variety of materials to choose from. With Signature Exteriors, you have a healthy amount of options for color, and material between our shingles. For a visual aide visit our color options page online.
  7. Take Care of Your Insurance Claims: Any contractor that says they can handle your insurance claim for a project might not be offering the best information. At best, they’re misinformed. At worst, they might be attempting to break the law. In most states, contractor’s aren’t legally allowed to speak on a homeowner’s behalf for any insurance claim. Avoiding this legal issue is obviously best for you.
  8. Don’t Be Pressured: Any contractor who pressures you into a contract without research or without the insurance is a risk. A roofing company that doesn’t want to go through with research on the actual price is not someone who you should work with. Good roof inspection specialists will always examine your home and ensure that the insurance adjuster didn’t miss anything.
  9. Know the Facts About your Deductible: Paying your deductible on time is key. Contractors who claim to handle repairs before you pay your deductible is committing insurance fraud. You’ll notice that a lot of these tips are designed to ensure the homeowner is legally protected, and we take that seriously. You shouldn’t have to worry about a contractor’s other intentions when you need a new roof.
  10. Better Business Bureau Ratings: The BBB is a great way to qualify which contractor has a good reputation. GAF Master Elite Contractors need to keep a positive rating with the BBB to ensure their certification keeps current.

At Signature Exteriors, we strive to be the best roofing company we can be. We highly recommend following these tips when vetting other companies, especially with roof repair services. For more information on our services, visit our roofing projects page or reach us by phone at 866-244-8029.

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