Fire Damaged Siding? Cedar Vinyl Siding Is the Solution

Some say that fire is a silent killer. This element had indeed already taken so many lives and damaged homes terribly, from the inside to the exteriors of our home. Likewise, an article from reported an incident that rapidly toasted and damaged an entire house in Portland CT:

PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH) — Fire gutted a Portland home Wednesday afternoon.

Fire officials say the blaze at 33 Belle Vista Heights broke out shortly after 2 p.m. A woman who was home smelled something and went outside to see flames climbing up the back of the house.

Powerful winds then rapidly spread the fire, engulfing the whole house. Forty firefighters responded to the scene.

The cause is under investigation but officials say it may have been electrical.

Damage caused by fire is generally irreparable, prompting a lot of homeowners who are victims of such incidents to rebuild their home entirely, and with that comes a high cost. Owners will never want to experience such mishaps. So, it is always a wise and safe choice to make your home sturdy by including durable, fire retardant, and long lasting housing materials such as vinyl siding.

This adds protection to your house exteriors and also beautifies your home. A perfect example would be Cedar Impressions vinyl siding in CT from CertainTeed, manufactured with a natural look that is also capable of providing enough protection from fire and other elements.

This type of siding is molded from real cedar shingle molds and real cedar board, which mimics the look of real wood. Vinylume Home Improvement offers the consistent quality, good looks, and dependable performance of vinyl siding in CT that is widely used by a lot of homeowners and builders in the state and beyond. Call us today and we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation so that the type and color we install will fit your home’s overall design.

 (Article Excerpt From Fire rips through Portland home,, June 19, 2014)          

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